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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the secret phrase achievement in GMOD?

Click on the Gmod icon on your desktop, or click on Gmod in your steam browser and then click play. Click Singleplayer or Multiplayer (Singleplayer is the fastest). 2. Open Chat Now that you are ingame, press Y or U to open chat. 3. Enter the Secret Phrase 4. Achievement Get! You should now get the "Secret Phrase" achievement.

What is secret phrase in Garry's mod?

Secret Phrase is an achievement in Garry's Mod. It is earned by typing "Bloxwich" in-game chat. Bloxwich is the name of the city where Garry Newman grew up.

What is the secret phrase that works currently?

The secret phrase that works currently is "bloxwich." Type "bloxwich" in the chat, and you will achieve the achievement, "Secret Phrase." Also, you MUST be in singleplayer for the achievement to work.

When did GMOD 10 come out?

Garry’s Mod (previously known as GMod 10) is the first commercial iteration of the mod. It was released on 29th November 2006. The old, and most iconic, Garry’s Mod 11 game menu. When was JBMod released? Is GMod still popular? Garry’s Mod is a 2006 sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. …

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