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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to GMOD at June 3rd?

what happend to gmod at june 3rd?? The creator of these addons: Glue Library, Ambient Occlusion, View Extension and Action Extension lost his mind over something and updated them all with malicious code to display a jumpscare with the infamous goatse image.

Is there a jumpscare of Goatse in GMOD?

IMPORTANT PSA:on gmod right now, a popular addon creator lost his goddamn mind and has altered all of his addons to add a jumpscare of goatse when you open the game. i am not fucking joking, delete any "GlueLibrary" addon you have immediately June 3, 2022

Why do I get a screamer when I play GMOD?

Basically, if you have some popular GMod mods installed, when playing GMod you end up being greeted by a screamer and a disturbing image. Don't try. P.S: this is because the owner of the mods went insane or something This could be you. Can someone explain me wtf is going on?

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