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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TARDIS mod?

TARDIS Mod. Summary: This mod adds the ability to own flyable TARDISes with interiors which use the same principle as Dimensional Doors to allow for multiple TARDISes with an interior that's bigger than the exterior.

How many mods are there in TARDIS Engineers 2?

Tardis Engineers 2: Minecraft Forge 1.16.5, Technology, Lightweight, Survival. 20-30 mods. [ Download Link] Astral Engineering: Minecraft Forge 1.16.5, Technology, Medium Difficulty, Survival. 250+ mods [ Download Link]

What is TARDIS rewrite?

Formerly TARDIS Rewrite. This addon is designed to entirely replace the legacy mod, so every feature from that will be added plus a bunch of new features as well, see GitHub issues [] for planned features. How to rotate tardis in Manual destination mode? Speaking of which.. that update is now out! Check Change Notes for more info

What is junk TARDIS?

Junk Tardis - based off of the design from that one episode. Decided to change to a bigger interior due to space limitation as I couldn’t do what I originally wanted with the first one. Has basic animations, textures and contains most of the new fe... This is an extension to Dr. Matt's TARDIS addon.

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