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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this addon for GMod 13?

This addon places the default c_ weapons how they were in Garry's Mod 12 and Half-Life 2. GMOD 13's weapons are higher and closer to the center of the screen, this just places it back. Even the Tool Gun has its older position! To ... This addon is a working Gmod 10 toolgun, as the animations work on servers.

Can I run GMOD without Garry's mod?

You must have a legitimate copy of Garry's Mod on your account. This installer only contains the bare basics, and will not run without Garry's mod installed. Let's download this! While this guide is focused on Gmod 12 (June 2010) There are previous versions that exist as well!

What is the use of options tab in GMOD 12?

This addon merges Options tab in the spawnmenu into Utilities. The Options tab was used in GMod 12. For now this tab redundant but some new and old addons use it still.

How do I install Garry's Mod 12?

Garry's Mod 12 comes with Wiremod and Phoenix Storms Pack! The bare essentials! This comes with a good "pre-Toybox build from June 2010. one of my personal favorite versions Illustration, Click Download, obviously! Time to setup! Once the download is complete, it's time to install it! Open the file. Wait a minute, then it'll be installed!

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