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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glass Animals'new song?

"Listen to Glass Animals' funky new single "I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance) " ". NME. Retrieved 11 September 2021. ^ "NZ Hot Singles Chart".

What is glass animal’s number one hit?

Heat Waves is undeniably Glass Animal’s number one hit. Released in June 2020, Heat Waves reached number one in Australia in February 2021. It’s a song about loss and longing and being unable to save something. Its lyric ‘somethings all I think about is you’ has been trending as a sound on TikTok.

What's the new Glass Animals single?

"Glass Animals Release New Single "Heat Waves" From Upcoming Album". Paste. Retrieved 2 August 2021. ^ Aubrey, Elizabeth (16 October 2020).

What is your favorite Glass Animals song before heat waves?

Gooey was one of the most popular songs from Glass Animals before Heat Waves topped it. This song is incredibly smooth and jazzy, and so catchy with chill instrumentals.

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