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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for admission in gift University Gujranwala?

Admission form GIFT University Gujranwala can be downloaded online. Click Here to submit the online admission application at GIFT University. Applicants must register online in order to apply for admission in various degree program announced in admission advertisement.

What is the procedure to get admission in gift University?

The admission test is held by the GIFT University for admission into various degree programs. Entry test is taken by the concerned department for which the candidate is seeking the admission. Obtaining 50% marks is mandatory for the candidate to become eligible and apply for the admission.

How is gift University Gujranwala for studying MS and MPhil?

MS and MPhil degree programs offered by the GIFT University Gujranwala are MSCS, MS software engineering, MS Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mphil English and other fields. These study programs are research-based and require a lot of hard work on the part of a student.

How many schools/faculties are there at GIFT University?

There are four full fledge schools/faculties present within the GIFT university that offer specialized education. The primary objective of the schools/faculties at the GIFT University is to offer specialized facilities and hands on learning experience to the students. Each school offers a list of specialized and recognized degree programs.

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