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Frequently Asked Questions

How to embed a Bing map?

How to embed Bing Maps in ExcelEmbedding Bing Maps in Excel. You can find the Bing Maps icon in the Insert tab of the Ribbon. ...Selecting a range for the mapIndicators and Data Visualizations. You may have noticed that the previous two maps are using different kind of indicators: pie charts and circles.Customization on embedded Bing Maps. ...Filtering. ...

How to obtain a Google Maps API key?

Obtaining the API KeyIn the Maps SDK for Android page that is displayed (after clicking ENABLE in the previous step), go to the Credentials tab and click the Create credentials button:Click API key:After this button is clicked, the API key is generated. ...More items...

How to set up Google Maps API keys?

How to Set Up Google Maps API KeysOverview. ShipperHQ uses Google APIs to provide address autocomplete and show In Store Pickup maps on checkout.Steps to Configure Google Maps API. Enter the Project Name “ShipperHQ” . ...Adding your Google API Key to ShipperHQTroubleshooting. ...

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