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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most feared gangster in history?

List of the most dreaded gangsters in American history. The list includes names such as Al Capone, Henry Hill, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky and Carmine Persico. The Famous People

Are there any dangerous gangsters still active today?

15 Dangerous Gangsters STILL Active Today. 1 1. The Russian Godfather, Semion Mogilevich. Via: 2 2. “El Mayo”, Ismael Zambada. 3 3. “The White Wolf”, Chang An-lo. 4 4. “Ice Eyes”, Rosetta Cutolo. 5 5. “No Nose”, John DiFronzo. More items

How to play gangsters?

You only need two keys to control your fighters, one is to jump and the other one to shoot and stab enemies with a knife or a sword. Exciting and bloody gameplay with a lot of differnet locations, all this is waiting for you in the cool game Gangsters. Read more .. Play against computer or together with your friend in the 2 player mode.

How many missions are in Gangstar Las Vegas?

Make your way through 80 action-packed missions & a blockbuster story mode! Team up with the wildest characters to take over Las Vegas! Explore a huge map, 9x the size of previous Gangstar games.

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