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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current leader of the Gangster Disciples?

Larry Hoover (born November 30, 1950) is an American gang leader and founder of the Chicago street gang called the Gangster Disciples. Hoover is currently serving six life sentences at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

Who are the rivals of the Gangster Disciples?

Like all gangs, gangster disciples has its fair share of enemies which includes but not limited to People Nation, Black P.Stones, Vice Lords, Bloods, Latin Kings, Surenos, White Supremacist gangs, Nortenos & Black Disciples.

What are the Gangster Disciples ranks?

The Gangster Disciples have a board of directors and overseer. Beneath those ranks are governors, assistant overseers, regents, and coordinators. Foot soldiers are at the bottom.

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