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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Gad Elmaleh?

(1971-04-19) 19 April 1971 (age 48) Casablanca, Morocco. Gad Elmaleh (Arabic: جاد المالح‎; born 19 April 1971) is a Moroccan stand-up comedian and actor who achieved notoriety in France and French Canada. He is a naturalized French and Canadian citizen most famous in the French world and most recently in the US.

Did Gad Elmaleh convert to Catholicism?

"Gad Elmaleh, popular comedian who has been source of pride for French Jews, converts to Catholicism". Jewish Telegraphic Agency. ^ "Gad Elmaleh chevalier des Arts et Lettres". L'Obs. 23 March 2006. Retrieved 29 May 2017. ^ "Gad Elmaleh et Philippe Couillard boivent de l'eau... et changent d'accent (VIDÉO)". HuffPost. 16 May 2017.

Who is Elmaleh?

Early years. Elmaleh was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. Being a Moroccan Jew, Elmaleh was brought up in a culturally diverse environment, speaking Arabic, Hebrew, English and French. As a child he would introduce his father, a mime, with a placard.

What is the difference between Elmaleh and English?

While Elmaleh speaks English fluently, he works with an English teacher to write his jokes while appreciating the nuances of the English language. One difference between his French shows and his English shows is that his English shows include no riffing, everything is scripted. [13]

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