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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Maria Bartiromo on?

Follow Maria Bartiromo as she brings big business newsmakers to the table to explore the smartest money-making opportunities for the week ahead. Watch Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News Channel on Sundays at 10 AM ET.

Who is Maria Bartiromo?

Maria Bartiromo joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as Global Markets Editor in January 2014. She is the anchor of Mornings with Maria on FBN (6-9 AM/ET) and anchors Sunday Morning Futures, the most watched Sunday morning program on cable (10 AM/ET) on FOX News Channel (FNC).

Is Maria Bartiromo's 'Sunday Morning Futures' a good show?

“Sunday Morning Futures,” Fox News’ business- and policy-oriented Sunday morning show hosted by Maria Bartiromo, scored another ratings victory last year as the No. 1 weekend show in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic in all of cable news.

What is Maria on 'Sunday Morning Futures'?

On today's episode of 'Sunday Morning Futures', Maria discusses the relationship between big tech and intel agencies, China threats, and more. How to watch on FOX NOW?

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