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Frequently Asked Questions

What is forecasting and demand management?

page 3 | Forecasting and Demand Management is an online program designed to train you as managers and staff involved in sales, marketing, and operations planning, toward the development and application of a formal and accurate demand forecasting system.

What are the stages in forecasting demand?

Stages in forecasting demand  Specification of objective (s)  Selection of appropriate technique  Collection of appropriate data  Estimation and interpretation of results  Evaluation of the forecasts 11.

What are the different types of forecasting solutions?

We offer different forecasting solutions such as demand planning software, demand forecasting software, forecasting software, and inventory planning software to optimize your supply chain management. Visit our website to learn more about our software.| PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view

What are the econometric techniques used in demand forecasting?

Econometric techniques  It is assumed that demand is determined by one or more variables e.g. income, population, exports, etc.  Demand is forecast on the basis of systematic analysis of economic relations by combining economic theory with mathematical and statistical tools. 40. Econometric techniques coned…

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