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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the VIN number on a Ford truck?

Examine the first digit in the VIN number, which represents where the truck was built. The number one indicates USA, number two is Canada and number three is Mexico. Examine the second digit in the VIN number, this should be an "F" which means that Ford is the manufacturer of the truck.

What is the Ford base part number?

Ford parts had a base number (like 17017) that identifies the part, a prefix that identifies the year (01A) and sometimes a suffix number that identifies revisions to the part.

What is the phone number for Ford warranty?

If the individual dealerships are unable to address the problem, or if they cannot verify component coverage, then you may contact the manufacturer at this phone number: Ford Warranty Phone Number: 800.392.3673.

What is this Ford part number?

A typical Ford part number looks like this: C5SZ-1005-A. Here's how this number is decoded: C = Decade of design (1960's) 5 = Year of decade (1965) S = Car line (Thunderbird) Z = Engineering Department (Ford Service Parts) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) A = Design change (original design, no revision)

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