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Frequently Asked Questions

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FLORIDA TODAY Newspaper in Education program works with Brevard County teachers to strengthen instruction, improve literacy and bring current events into the classroom. FLORIDA TODAY is on sale at a store near you! Don't miss a single day of the exciting news and information inside the Space Coast's number one newspaper.

Why is the 7-day average so high in Florida?

The 7-day average is artificially high because of this atypical schedule. June 4, 2021: Florida changed its data format to a weekly report and stopped including nonresident cases, resulting in a one-day decrease in most counties. Jan. 2, 2021: Florida reported data for two days after reporting no data on New Year's Day.

What are the latest statistics on covid-19 in Florida?

Here are the updated statistics on COVID-19 in Florida including new cases, deaths, hospitalizations, testing positivity and hospital capacity. Florida increased is death total by more than 1,300 on Thursday, making August the deadliest month of the pandemic.

When did Florida stop reporting county-level deaths?

Florida stopped reporting county-level deaths on June 4. Sources: State and local health agencies (cases, deaths); U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (hospitalizations); Centers for Disease Control and state governments (vaccinations); Census Bureau (population and demographic data).

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