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Frequently Asked Questions

Did anyone win the Florida Lottery?

The Powerball drawing on Wednesday night did not result in any grand prize winner for the ... will see the jackpot climb to $523 million with a $379 million cash value. The winning lottery numbers drawn on Wednesday, Sept. 22 were 20, 40, 47, 55, 63 ...

Who won Florida Lottery last night?

Winners. $1 million. Sheena Nellon, Tampa. $1 million. Gregory Thomas, Pensacola. $1 million. Curtis Fuller, Jacksonville. $1 million. Dorothy McBride, West Palm Beach.

What were the winning lottery numbers in Florida?

Pick 5 Numbers; Cash for Life Numbers; Florida Lottery App; Unclaimed Prizes; Next Powerball Jackpot: $ 280. Million. Next Mega Millions Jackpot: $ 122. Million. Next Lotto America Jackpot: $ 4.88. Million. Florida. Lotto. Numbers. Saturday November 6th 2021; Florida Lotto Numbers Saturday November 6th 2021 2 5 19 30 ...

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