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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of Flintstone vitamins?

Before you make Flintstone vitamins a daily staple, however, make sure you know about any potential side effects the vitamins may have. Even when taken properly, these vitamins can have some side effects. One drawback is that these vitamins look like candy.

Why choose the Flintstones Vitamins for kids?

Choose a benefit support area:* The Flintstones Vitamins you grew up with still have key nutrients important for kids as they grow. But just as the world has changed, we’ve changed too.

What are the dyes in Flintstones Vitamins?

Also called dyes, these substances in Flintstones Vitamins are FD&C Red #40 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow #6 Aluminum Lake and FD&C Blue #2 Aluminum Lake. According to, Red #40 and Yellow #6 may contribute to hyperactive behavior, and other sources concur with this assessment on the danger of artificial colors

What are the ingredients used in Flintstones?

One glaring ingredient that is used in Flintstones is the use of the artificial sweetener Aspartame or NutriSweet. Click here to link to the post on the dangers of Aspartame.Not only is it dangerous for children but for anyone.

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