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Frequently Asked Questions

What color is Dino The Flintstones' pet?

Dino: Everybody's Pet Dinosaur. He burst into pop culture almost 60 years ago along with his human caveman family, "The Flintstones.". While his color changed from time to time over the course of the television show's six season in prime time, his primary color was purple. He was immediately a hit and made every kid in the United States want to own their own Dino.

What is the Dinosaurs name in the Flintstones?

Dino ( The Flintstones) He is a pet dinosaur of the series' main characters, Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Dino debuted in the opening credits of the pilot episode of The Flintstones, but is not mentioned by name until the first season's fourth episode, "No Help Wanted.".

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