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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Flintstone vitamins bad for You?

If your child is allergic to any vitamins or minerals that are found in Flintstone vitamins do not give your child this vitamin. If you are feeding this vitamin to an infant be sure your infant is alert and do not mix the vitamin into his or her bottle.

Can You overdose on Flintstones gummy vitamins?

Yes, You Can Totally Overdose on Gummy Vitamins. As a kid, you might have munched on Flintstone vitamins or some other chalky, fruit-flavored version of a multivitamin. Fast forward to today, and gummy vitamins of all sorts are being hawked to adults.

Are Flintstone sour Gummie vitamins gluten-free?

However, products not labeled as containing wheat cannot be guaranteed gluten free because raw materials received from outside vendors are not certified as 100% gluten free. UPDATE 5.28.20 From the manufacturer website: Flintstones Chewables and Gummies contain wheat and are not gluten free .

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