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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Flintstone vitamins bad?

Bad Interactions. Multivitamins can interact adversely with other multivitamins, as well as certain medicines. Do not give other multivitamins at the same time as you give a Flintstones multivitamin. Flintstones vitamins can have adverse reactions with medicines such as diuretics, heart or blood pressure medicines, anticoagulants and hydantoins.

Are Flintstones vitamins good for adults?

The good news is that adults can take Flintstones vitamins 1 ⭐ . In fact, the product label lists the amounts of each nutrient and the percentage of the daily value for children and adults. Yes, adults can take Flintstone Vitamins if they can't tolerate adult brands, or prefer the sweet taste of the kid's vitamin. .

Do Flintstone vitamins have iron?

Flintstones Complete has a high supplementation of iron, iodine, vitamin D and vitamin E. Vitamin D is necessary for the maintenance and growth of bones in children. Vitamin D deficiency is a concern for infants, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

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