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Frequently Asked Questions

What are interesting facts about Flint Michigan?

Flint, Michigan facts for kids Type Strong Mayor-Council Body Flint City Council Receivership Transition Advisory Board Area City 34.06 sq mi (88.21 km 2) Land 33.42 sq mi (86.56 km 2) Water 1.66 sq mi (4.3 km 2) 0.64% Elevation 751 ft (229 m) Population ( 2010) City 102,434 Estimate (2014) 99,002 Rank US: 297th Density 3,065.1/sq mi (1,183.4/km 2) Urban 356,218 (US: 106th) More items...

What are fun things to do in Flint Michigan?

Other things to do in Flint Michigan include; going to the park with your family to walk your dog or have a picnic. Go to the nearest mall to do some shopping at the stores that are located inside. Take your family out to see a movie; it will be quiet but it will still be an excellent bonding experience.

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