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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the property tax rate in Virginia Beach?

Situated along the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast corner of the state, Virginia Beach has property tax rates slightly higher than the state average. The city’s average effective property tax rate is 0.88%. If you buy a home there, you can expect to pay a property tax bill of around $2,418 a year.

What is the property tax in Prince William County VA?

Prince William County Prince William County is a largely suburban county situated on the Potomac River, southwest of Washington D.C. The average effective property tax in the county is 1.05%. Real estate in Prince William County was most recently reassessed as of 2019, which means current assessed values may be close to full market value.

How are property taxes calculated in Virginia?

Property taxes in Virginia are calculated by multiplying a home’s assessed value by its total property tax rate. Assessed value is determined by local assessors on regular two- to six-year cycles.

Where do I pay my property taxes in Smith County?

Property taxes and auto registrations can also be paid or renewed through the mail: Smith County Tax Office, P.O. Box 2011, Tyler, Texas 75710. You may register your vehicle at any of the following Substations (auto registration only): According to the Texas Comptroller's Office there are three main parts to the property tax system in Texas:

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