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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FilmStruck and how does it work?

Turner claims FilmStruck offers the largest streaming library of contemporary and classic arthouse, indie, foreign and cult films. It’s also the exclusive internet-streaming home to the Criterion Collection of movies. FilmStruck costs $10.99 per month with access to the Criterion Collection library, and $6.99 monthly without it.

What is xfilmstruck?

FilmStruck is the classic movie streaming service you didn’t even know you were missing. There’s a huge market for iconic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Don’t expect this small niche streaming service to compete with Netflix. It’s more like getting access to a cinephile’s personal collection.

Is ‘Turner Classic Movies’ on FilmStruck?

Although Turner Classic Movies is behind the service, most of its black-and-white American classics are not on FilmStruck; you still need a cable login to access those on TCM’s streaming site.

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