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Frequently Asked Questions

What is filmstro pro?

Filmstro Pro allows you to easily create custom soundtracks with an extensive library and intuitive editing tools for that perfect sound. Every superhero needs their theme music, and you’ll have the perfect soundtrack to round out your project with Filmstro Pro.

How do I purchase a subscription to filmstro?

A subscription can be purchased via the website at and unlocks the entire music catalogue which comprises 60 albums of music. There are no reviews currently available. Be the first to review it. Our initial release onto the Adobe Exchange. An installer will be placed in your Downloads folder.

How do I use the sliders in filmstro pro?

Working with the Filmstro Pro sliders is super intuitive. Just play a track to audition the music, and move the sliders to explore the range of emotion you can create. By manipulating three simple parameters, you can create a soundtrack that’s uniquely tailored to your project.

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