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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fatima Family Center?

Fatima Family Center serves Cleveland's Hough community by providing events, recreational and educational opportunities, and supportive services for youth, families, adults and seniors. Have Questions? A staple of the Hough community, Fatima Family Center offers programs and services for all ages and all members of the community.

Is Fatima just a devotion?

Fatima is Not ‘Just’ a Devotion by David Rodriguez | Fatima: Why the Time is Now! Event Recap MAY 12, 2022 OTTAWA, CANADA Once again this year, The Fatima Center staff and volunteers brought the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of…

When did the Fatima Center host its first live and public conference?

EVENT RECAP On Monday April 23, 2022, The Fatima Center hosted its first live and public conference since the onset of COVID related… Last Friday, on the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25, 2022), the staff of The Fatima Center’s Philippines office attended the…

Who is the founder and international director of the Fatima Institute?

The founder and International Director is Father Nicholas Gruner, who for more than 30 years, has dedicated his life to promoting interest in, knowledge of, and obedience to the full Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

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