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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fantastic Sams pay?

Fantastic Sams pays its employees an average of $9.97 an hour. Hourly pay at Fantastic Sams ranges from an average of $7.93 to $13.18 an hour. Fantastic Sams employees with the job title Hair ...

Is Fantastic Sams open on Sundays?

[ad type=”square”]Opening hours at Fantastic Sams are quite standard for the industry, opening at 10 am on weekdays at most locations. Saturday opens slightly earlier at 9 am, while Sunday will open at the later time of 12pm.

How much does Fantastic Sams haircut cost?

To set up an appointment with Fantastic Sams, please visit their official site at Fantastic Sams FAQ How much is a men's haircut at Fantastic Sams? Precision Cut – $18.00 per person (starting price) Sam’s Cut Plus – $28.00 per person (starting price) Sam’s Designer Cut – $32.00 per person (starting price)

What are Fantastic Sams hours?

The regular opening hours of most Fantastic Sams locations on weekdays are from Monday to Friday 9AM-8PM, in the weekend on Saturday 9AM-6PM, most are closed on Sunday. Find the actual business hours for today or other days in the Fantastic Sams branch locator.

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