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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do highlights cost at Fantastic Sams?

If you want full highlights throughout your hair, the price ranges from $76 to $86. For weddings, proms, parties, dances, and other special events, you can’t beat the average updo price of $51 at Fantastic Sams.

How much does haircut cost at master cuts?

MasterCuts Prices Item Price Adult Haircut $15.95 Kids Haircut $12.00 Shampoo $3.00 Conditioning $3.00

How much does fantastic Sam's hair cut cost?

They daily provide fabulous service, a full line of services and friendly employees who live up to the promise in the salon's name. Fantastic Sams prices start at around $25 for an adult haircut and go up from there.

How much does hair cut cost at Fantastic Sams?

For a lower grade haircut salon, such as st Fantastic Sam’s or Great Clips, the cost is going to range anywhere from $8 for a cut to $40 or more for a shampoo, plus a cut. Walmart, The Hair Cuttery, Sports Clips, Supercuts and other franchise-based chains will have very similar pricing. Haircuts here should be in the $8 to $20 range.

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