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Frequently Asked Questions

When will marvel's Fantastic Four movie release?

Marvel's Fantastic Four Movie Release Date Info. We predict that Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie will release in July 2023. The MCU's Phase 4 will take up the entirety of 2020 and 2021, which means Phase 5 will presumably launch in 2022.

Will Fantastic Four's 'blade' be released in 2024?

An initial November 2024 date was revealed as part of Marvel Studios' epic SDCC 2022 release slate. However, this was then pushed back to 2025, possibly to make accommodations for Blade being delayed while a new director is found. It's possible that Fantastic Four 's story doesn't make sense unless Blade is released first.

Will there be a Fantastic Four reboot?

After announcing the film in December 2020 at a Disney Investors’ Call, Marvel Studios has remained mostly mum about plans for its big-screen reboot of Fantastic Four.

Who is the director of Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four will be directed by Jon Watts, who is the rare filmmaker to helm three movies in the MCU: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Far from Home, and the No Way Home, due out on Dec. 17, 2021.

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