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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use an extension cord?

Extension cords are reasonably safe if used responsibly, but they are often associated with unsafe use - people using them to get power from an adjoining house because their power has been disconnected, and overloading them. Or using them on construction sites where they are exposed to water and workboots and vehicles running over them.

What kind of extension cord should I use?

Leaf blower. For blowers will 12 amps or less, use a 16-gauge light-duty cord within 50 feet of your outlet. ... Table lamp. Use an 18-gauge, two-prong, light-duty extension cord. ... Laptop computer. ... Treadmill. ... Toaster. ... Hair Dryer. ... Circular saw. ... Home office. ... Indoor vacuum. ... Outdoor vacuum. ... More items...

What does extension cord mean?

extension cord. noun. : an electric cord fitted with a plug at one end and a receptacle at the other.

How long to use extension cord?

Extension cords can be used for up to 90 days but must be used properly. Surge protectors are recommended over power strips and extension cords. However, a sufficient number of well located three-wire/grounded outlets will eliminate the need for extension cords or power strips.

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