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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more cosmetics for Team Fortress 2?

Several updates have since added additional cosmetics, including those designed by members of the Team Fortress 2 community through the Steam Workshop or the former contribution page on the TF2 Official Website.

What class is an engineer in TFC?

For the older class in TFC, see Engineer (Classic). The Engineer is Class 829, third in the Defense Category, and is marked by his yellow hard hat, welding goggles, single work glove, skin-colored dirt, overalls and tool.

What new tfcl medals have been added to TF2?

Added the TFCL 6v6 Alpha and Season 2 tournament medals. Added the TFCL Ultiduo Alpha, Season 2, and Season 3 tournament medals. Added the Blapature Co. Contributor 2017 community event medal. Added the TF2Maps 72hr TF2Jam Summer Participant 2017 community medal. [Undocumented] Added the TF2Maps Charitable Heart.

What happened to mummy eyes in TF2?

An unused Pyro cosmetic named Mummy Eyes was added into the game files during Scream Fortress 2013 and could have been seen in the bundle icon for a short while before it was removed. ↑ " The Mac Update! ",, June 10, 2010 TF2 Official Blog - Incoming!

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