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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an edgenuity credit recovery course?

Edgenuity’s® credit recovery courses are designed to help all learners achieve their full potential and graduate on time with their closest peers. These courses allow students to learn the material they need to know to move to the next grade level, while still receiving a high-quality education that prepares them for life beyond high school.

What are the credit recovery options in Los Angeles Unified?

Some credit recovery options in L.A. Unified are ones everyone would recognize, like summer school (though the district prefers to call it “summer term”) and retaking the class during the school day, or going to a continuation school if a student is behind in a number of classes. So what’s new about it?

What courses can I use the edgenuity for?

It can be used for credit recovery for the following courses: Expository Composition, Advanced Composition, or ERWC A. If students are using the Edgenuity course to replace ERWC A, they will not be eligible for EAP credit. They can only receive EAP credit if they take the face-to-face ERWC AB course.

Can I offer credit recovery courses during the summer school?

With flexible online learning solutions, your school or district can offer credit recovery courses during the summer school for students to complete from home or on campus. Offer students the opportunity to recover a single unit or module, or study before completing a course.

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