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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ssssdd problems?

SSDD problems are a special type of problem based on the observation from Roher, Dedrick and Burgess (2014) that the correct solution to most mathematical problems involves two steps: identify the strategy needed to solve the problem, and then successfully carry out that strategy.

What does SSDD mean?

"Same Shit, Different Day" Derived from Stephen King's book (Now a movie), " Dreamcatcher ". " Hey, Beav'. How are ya ?" " You know, SSDD." Get a SSDD mug for your friend James.

What does DSS stand for?

The transfer of NCCA to DCSA marks two years to the day that the Defense Security Service (DSS), National Background Investigations Bureau and DOD Consolidated Adjudications Facility were consolidated into DCSA.

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