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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mamady Doumbouya married to?

Who Is Mamady Doumbouya Wife? Mamady Doumbouya has not disclosed any insiders on his wife and family given the current scenario of Guinea. According to our sources, he is married to a woman of European descendency and has three children from the marriage.

Who is general Doumbouya?

Doumbouya was born in the Kankan Region of Guinea. He is of Mandinka origins. Doumbouya was a French legionnaire holding the rank of corporal before he returned to Guinea to lead the Special Forces Group, an elite military unit created by President Alpha Condé.

Who is Col Mamady Doumbouya?

A young charismatic soldier, Col Mamady Doumbouya has become Guinea's interim president just under a month after leading a coup against President Alpha Condé. The deposed leader once put his faith in Col Doumbouya to help him keep his grip on power in the turbulent West African state.

Who is Sam Doumbouya?

Doumbouya was deployed on missions to Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central African Republic, Israel, Cyprus, the UK and Guinea, during his 15 year career. He was one of 25 officials from Guinea that the European Union threatened to sanction over allegations of human rights abuses.

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