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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened between Tristan Thompson and Doumbouya?

As he reached the lane, Tristan Thompson arrived, but instead of challenging the shot, the veteran big man tried to draw a charge. That was a mistake. Doumbouya exploded to the rim and threw down a righty slam with authority, then stood over Thompson and stared at him for a few seconds. Welcome to the league, young man!

Who is Sekou Doumbouya and how old is he?

Now, assuming you don't watch the Pistons that often, you might be asking yourself, who is Sekou Doumbouya? Well, at 19 years old, the Pistons rookie is the youngest player in the league, and was born after Vince Carter started playing professional basketball.

Who is Detroit Red Wings prospect Yannick Doumbouya?

The No. 15 pick in last year's draft, Doumbouya grew up in France and started playing professionally there at the age of just 15. Since arriving in Detroit, he's played sparingly, checking in to just 10 games prior to Tuesday night, and doing mop-up duty in most of those contests.

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