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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best medium sized dog?

Best Medium-Size Dog Breeds for Families. Here are just a handful of popular medium dog breeds you might want to consider: Cocker spaniel: The AKC's smallest sporting spaniel, these kid-friendly, sturdy dogs stand about 14 inches (35 cm). Their thick coats require frequent brushing, but when properly groomed they are undeniably pretty pups.

What are the top ten dog breeds?

The top dogs on this year’s list include:Retrievers (Labrador)French bulldogsRetrievers (Golden)German shepherdsPoodlesBulldogsBeaglesRottweilersPointers (German shorthaired)Dachshunds

What dog breeds require more grooming?

The 28 Hardest Dog Breeds to GroomAfghan Hound. Afghan hounds need to have their long hair brushed for several hours a week to keep them free of tangles and matted clumps.Bearded Collie. ...Bedlington Terrier. ...Bernese Mountain Dog. ...Bichon Frise. ...Black Russian Terrier. ...Briard. ...Bulldog. ...Chinese Crested. ...Chow Chow. ...More items...

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