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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DMX control 512?

The DMX CONTROL 512 is a lighting controller.16 lighting fixtures of up to 32 channels each can be controlled from a DMX 512 output. Control of up to 512 lighting channels is possible. Support of ROBE as well as other popular brands is included in the setup menu.

How many DMX channels can I control?

ENGLISH DIMMING AND PROGRAMMING DMX CONTROLLER This unit can control 512 DMX channels and store 30 scenes. When display shows “PA-1”, it means it can control the first 64 channels (1-64). To control channel 1 – 8 push the button under the 1st fader. To control channel 49 – 56 push DMX CHANNEL the button under the 7th fader.

How many DMX channels can the sm-192 control?

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The SM-192 is a fixture (or scanner) oriented DMX controller. It can control up to 12 fixtures of 16 DMX channels each. The unit can also be used to control conventional dimmer packs.

What are the different types of DMX512 consoles?

DMX512 consoles can be broken down into two primary types: fixture-library based and channel based. Occasionally, a VARI LITE Series 200/300 system will be controlled by an architectural lighting controller. Please consult with a dealer or manufacturer for specific instructions for your architectural control device.

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