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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital signatures in dmvdesk?

Digital Signatures in DMVdesk fulfills the promise of digitally signing forms, even those with an odometer disclosure. You already use DMVdesk to generate pre-populated title and registration forms at the time of sale: Temp Tags, Reports of Sale, transfer and reassignment forms and more.

How does dmvdesk work?

DMVdesk scans every deal and provides access to them from the Logbook and Bundles pages. DMVdesk validates each customer address, ensuring accuracy and quick deliveries. If your customer overpaid any fees, DMVdesk can issue refund checks at your request.

How long is the dmvdesk training?

RMP/OJT Registration & DMVdesk Training Use this service task when providing or receiving training for a Field Services job role. 3. Customer Support Adjust hours as needed. Default is 4 hours.

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