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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DMV form?

One such important DMV form is the statement of facts form. The document is very special. Here is what a Statement of Facts form can be used for according to the DMV guide. A Statement of Facts form is basically a legal document that put forwards the factual information related to a vehicle without any sort of argument.

How do you cancel your vehicle registration?

Let the clerk know you also want to cancel your car registration. Mail your license plate, decal and a signed letter requesting cancellation to the DMV. Contact your local DMV office to get the address of its central services division. Send your items by a traceable delivery method with a delivery confirmation.

What is a vehicle registration number?

In general, the vehicle registration number is your license plate number. It is unique to your car. But, the vehicle registration number doesn’t have to contain only numbers. In most cases, it contains numbers and letters.

What is vehicle registration?

Vehicle registration is the process of registering your vehicle with the state. To be able to legally drive your car on the road, you must get your vehicle registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Transportation Department depending on the state you live in.

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