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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a driving manual in Delaware?

In Delaware, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides several driving manuals to help you learn how to drive on the road safely, such as the DE driver manual, commercial driver's license manual, and motorcycle operator manual. Browse the Vehicle Code to learn about traffic and vehicle laws.

How do I contact the Delaware DMV for questions?

If you have any questions regarding any of driving manuals or DMV handbooks, please contact the Delaware DMV directly. Browse the Delaware Vehicle Code for specific details about the laws related to traffic tickets, vehicle registration, title certificates, driver's licensing, and more.

How do I study for the Delaware driver's license tests?

You can read through the Delaware Driver Manual (Rev 2020) ( also offered in other languages) to study for the DE driver's license tests. The DMV handbook covers driving topics such as:

Where can I get a CDL in Delaware?

Commercial driver Licenses (CdL) There is a Delaware Commercial Driver Manual which covers the CDL requirements, CDL procedures, testing requirements, and the basic knowledge required to obtain a CDL license. The manual is available for no cost at any Division facility or can be downloaded from the DMV website at

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