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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an appointment at the DMV?

Make an Appointment. As previously mentioned, you can use the CA Department of Motor Vehicles' online appointment system to schedule most types of DMV visits. You must, however, schedule an appointment by phone at (800) 777-0133, if you: Want to schedule a commercial driver's license (CDL) road skills test. Have specific questions about your appointment.

How do I Check my DMV appointment?

There are a few ways you can check into your appointment. You can bring our automated email and a Driver License technician will scan its barcode; by replying to our SMS text message; or by scanning the QR code located near the entrance of each driver license office, you will then get a message when it is time to enter the lobby.

Can I renew my license online NJ?

When to Renew Your NJ Driver's License. Your New Jersey driver's license is valid for 4 years. Before your driver license expires, you can renew it in person or by mail (if eligible). You cannot renew your NJ driver's license online.

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