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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an appointment with DMV?

When calling to schedule your testing appointment, keep the following in mind:Be courteousCall during business hours. Please do not call before 8 a.m. ...If you have to leave a message, please leave your full name and phone number, speak clearly and slowly.You should only schedule your behind-the-wheel exam with one tester.If you will be late for your skills test, or need to change or cancel your appointment, notify the tester.

Do I have to make an appointment with the DMV?

You may obtain a vehicle movement permit at any office without an appointment. See Online Services and Kiosks before you book an appointment. Appointments are accepted only for transactions that cannot be done through alternative solutions. Others are subject to cancellation.

How to schedule an appointment at the DMV?

Please mail in a blank personal or business check made out to the RI DMV, and don’t forget to date and sign the check. ...All mail-in forms must be notarized and only original documents are accepted. ...New plate (s) and registration sticker (s) will be mailed with the registration paperwork.Please make sure all forms are completely filled out. ...

Do you need to schedule a DMV appointment?

You must have an appointment to come into a driver licensing office. Please try our online services before scheduling an appointment. You can schedule up to 30 days in advance. A limited number of appointments open up each day, and as cancellations happen. Appointments are for services you can't do online, by phone, or by mail.

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