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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Mariah Carey lose weight after secret gastric sleeve surgery?

Mariah Carey shows off incredible weight loss after ‘secret gastric sleeve surgery’. The 48-year-old wowed in a tight black dress that revealed her slim waist as she went for dinner with Bryan Tanaka.

How much did Mariah Carey lose after giving birth?

Mariah Carey The well-known American singer whose voice could hit an incredible soprano rose to fame with her track Vision of Love in 1990. After giving birth to twins in 2011, Mariah weighed 180 pounds. She went through gastric sleeve surgery and lost 40 lbs.

Did Mariah Carey lose 2 stone?

According to Entertainment tonight, Mariah had already lost two stone by January and judging by these latest images, she’s lost even more in recent months. In October 2017, New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported that Mariah had the underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

What kind of plastic surgery has Maria Carey done?

Anyway, what kind of plastic surgery that Maria Carey has done? Everyone seems to know if Mariah has done breast implant procedure since her boobs too big for her slim and small body; her cup size does not fit for her body too.

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