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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DEOCS stand for?

A2S Home Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute The Office of People Analytics is happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS 5.0) on January 4th, 2021!

What's new in DEOCS 5?

The redesigned DEOCS 5.0 includes new and improved questions that measure verified protective and risk factors to provide commanders the information they need to understand unit-level problems and implement real solutions. Please Note: Some items below may download to your system rather than opening directly.

Does DEOMI offer a 100% virtual course?

To support Mission Readiness, DEOMI will offer a 100% Virtual course to the military, Coast Guard, and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian personnel who will serve as Equal Opportunity Advisors and Command Climate Specialists upon successful completion of the course. Class dates located under the Education & Training tab above / Resident Courses.

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