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Frequently Asked Questions

How does predictive sales forecasting benefit the supply chain?

Supply chain predictive analytics helps executives predict future supply chain actions and patterns. This technology gathers data from supply chain management (SCM) applications, and then, analyzes that information to anticipate future scenarios.

What are the different methods of demand forecasting?

Methods of Demand Forecasting. Demand forecasting allows manufacturing companies to gain insight into what their consumer needs through a variety of forecasting methods. These methods include: predictive analysis, conjoint analysis, client intent surveys, and the Delphi Method of forecasting.

How can demand planning improve the supply chain?

Demand planning is a supply chain management process of forecasting, or predicting, the demand for products to ensure they can be delivered and satisfy customers. The goal is to strike a balance between having sufficient inventory levels to meet customer needs without having a surplus. A wide variety of factors can influence demand, including ...

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