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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dearborn Public Schools?

Dearborn Public Schools is a leader among school districts when it comes to offering your child opportunities for early college, advanced classes, career training, and skilled trades. We are unique in that we can partner with Henry Ford College to provide a world-class education for your child. Take some time to explore our programs and schools.

How many media centers does Dearborn Public Schools have?

Dearborn Public Schools provides 30 media centers (school libraries) for our students to borrow materials that interest them. The district has also developed a comprehensive guideline for how materials will be added and, when necessary, removed from our school media centers. New to the District?

What is Dearborn's graduation rate?

Dearborn Schools has a 95 percent graduation rate as of 2020. Dearborn Schools has had five National Blue Ribbon Schools in five years, including the only high school to make the list in 2021. We have four early middle college programs.

How do I submit a request for use of Dearborn Public School District?

To submit a request for use of Dearborn Public School District Facilities, please click on … According to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act: “The Education of Homeless Children and Youth program … Please see the FOIA Procedures and Guidelines document.

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