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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dearborn Public Schools?

Dearborn Public Schools is a leader among school districts when it comes to offering your child opportunities for early college, advanced classes, career training, and skilled trades. We are unique in that we can partner with Henry Ford College to provide a world-class education for your child. Take some time to explore our programs and schools.

Is Dearborn adult education a GED?

Dearborn Adult Education offers GED preparation classes to those preparing for the GED test. Focus is … Grading Philosophy* All Dearborn Public Schools grading and reporting will support the learning process and … For official high school purposes, students will be placed in grade levels according to the …

What does the Dearborn School Nurses program do?

This office oversees the School Improvement Plans, leadership coaching and Dearborn Teacher University. Medications, immunizations, hearing and vision screenings and more are under the School Nurses program. Assisting students with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments and other conditions that impact their learning.

What time is the Dearborn Schools Board of Education meeting?

Press Release #28/Dec. 20, 2022 The Dearborn Schools Board of Education reorganizational and regular meeting for January 2023 is being moved to Tuesday, Jan. 10. The meeting is also being moved up slightly to 6:30 p.m. The meeting was originally scheduled for Monday,...

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