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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dearborn County Jail?

Dearborn County Jail is located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and serves this town and surrounding areas. The sheriff operates the Dearborn County Jail. The jail houses inmates who are 17 years old and above who have been arrested by all Dearborn County law enforcement agencies or who are arrested in Dearborn County by federal or state agencies.

Does the Dearborn County Sheriff's office offer Internet inmate search?

IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES WITH THE INMATE SEARCH. PLEASE SEE BELOW HOW TO CLEAR THE INTERNET CACHE. The Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office offers the Internet “inmate search” feature as a public service to interested citizens.

What is the Dearborn County law enforcement center?

The Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center is equipped with computers and other modern-day equipment in order to keep the facility an up-to-date law enforcement building. VINE is the Indiana County Jails’ automated victim notification service. It provides information through this website about the custody status of offenders in Indiana jails.

Is the Dearborn County Sheriff's office liable for damages?

While the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office strives to ensure accuracy of this information, it makes no guarantees as to the reliability of the data. Under no circumstances will the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, with regard to any and all information obtained through the use of this service.

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