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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose deadline Outfitters?

At Deadline Outfitters, we live to hunt and we strive to personalize each hunt, making it feel more like hunt'n with your buddy and not just another guide. Our staff and I work as a team, scouting year round to guarantee you a great hunt!

Why choose deaddeadline Outfitters?

DEADLINE OUTFITTERS offers fully guided trophy Mule deer, Antelope, Elk, Moose and mountain lion hunting. The area we hunt is extremely large with very diverse country, ranging from steep mountains to rolling hills to vast desert with deep canyons providing the cover and vegetation necessary to grow and sustain trophy big game animals.

When is the best time to hunt mule deer?

If lucky enough to draw a late season tag opening Nov. 15th you will be hunting the absolute best two weeks of mule deer season, when the rut is in full swing. This hunt is one for the books. Archery season is an unlimited hunt.

When does Unit 54 open for hunting?

Due by June 5th! Our premiere Unit 54 offers legendary elk, mule deer, antelope, and mountain lion hunting. Pick your adventure! Restricted Guide Draw opens Early February, better draw odds!

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