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Frequently Asked Questions

What does meet a deadline mean?

The formal way of saying this would be to meet a deadline. This means you are able to complete your task well within the deadline. Make a deadline is colloquial. It kind of sounds like you will barely manage to complete the task, just in time for the deadline.

What is the definition of deadline?

The definition of a deadline is when something is due, or the latest time by which something must be completed. If you have to have a report in by 5 PM or it is considered late, 5 PM is an example of a deadline. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is a synonym for deadline?

Synonyms for Deadline: n. • due date, time limit, timing, due, closing date. •due date (noun) limit, zero hour, bound, time limit, target date, period, cutoff, time frame.

Why is a deadline called a deadline?

The term “deadline" has uncertain origins. The earliest uses of the word appear to have referred simply to lines that did not move. This usage may have developed into “deadline" being used around the time of the Civil War as a term related to prisons, meaning a line that could not be crossed by prisoners.

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