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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Deadline Hollywood?

Deadline Hollywood. Deadline (also known as Deadline Hollywood or and previously known as the news blog Deadline Hollywood Daily) is an online news site founded by Nikki Finke in 2006. The site is updated several times a day, with entertainment industry news as its focus. It has been a brand of Penske Media Corporation since 2009.

How do I get invited to future Deadline Hollywood events?

By registering to attend you agree to receive email invitations to future Deadline Hollywood events, including the AwardsLine Screening Series, Contenders, and other Deadline newsletters.

Is Deadline Hollywood owned by Penske?

It has been a brand of Penske Media Corporation since 2009. Deadline was founded by Nikki Finke, who began writing an LA Weekly column series called Deadline Hollywood in June 2002. She began the Deadline Hollywood Daily (DHD) blog in March 2006 as an online version of her column.

Who is the editor of Deadline New York?

The publication expanded to New York in 2010 with the hiring of Variety reporter Mike Fleming Jr. as the new Deadline New York editor, Financial Times editor Tim Adler to lead Deadline London, and Nellie Andreeva for the site's television coverage as "co-editors-in-chief, TV".

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