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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DDDR stand for?

Acronym Definition DDDR Dual Chamber Rate Adaptive Pacemaker DDDR Port D Data Direction Register (computin ...

What is a DDDR pacemaker?

A DDDR pacemaker, also sometimes referred to as a DDDRO pacemaker, is a type of heart regulatory device that can be implanted in a person’s chest to monitor and regulate heartbeat. It is capable of pacing and sensing cardiac depolarization, which is a way of measuring the heart's electrical signal output and strength, in both chambers of the heart.

What is ddddreports?

DDReports was started when and agency approached us to create a solution to help rid them of excel manual spreadsheets. This owner, realizing the only way to remain profitable, needed to automate the redundant processes and remove any human error that could be injected into the process.

What is degenerative disc disease (DDD)?

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a condition where one or more discs in the back lose their strength. Degenerative disc disease, despite the name, isn’t technically a disease.

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